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Frequently Asked Questions - Album picker
Album picker

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Before you contact us, read the answers to the most frequently asked questions, it's possible that someone already had the same problem. Otherwise, feel free to call us, or email us, we will respond as soon as possible!

You are invited to attend some event (for example a wedding). There is a photographer hired, as usual. Instead of typical ordering photos by selecting from printed once (where you loose precious time), and photographer as well (show photo album to every single person can be very time consuming), we had a different idea.
Photographer will give you a code, or you can just scan QR code from printed invitation (or poster), and voila - you will have photos on your phone, even during event. If you don't want to loose time during event, you will have all photos available even after event ends (this period every photographer sets per event manually). To be sure you don't ever loose this online photo album, you can register for free, and connect an event to your account.

No. This service is totally FREE for users. You pay photo to your photographer on spot, photographer's store, or by post. Our platform is not dealing with payments, or charge anything to end-user (or add additional fee to photo price).

Yes. Unfortunately, we have our costs, and only way to cover them (and hopefully earn a bit) is by charging just a little as 5% of photographer's sale. There are no additional fees per month, registration, or anything else. For shared events we plan to charge some small amount as soon as this service finish promotional period, for now use it for free!
Invoices are generated every 1st of the month, if they are bigger then €20. If not, amount will be transferred to next month.

The original photos are placed in a protected location, which no user can access. When uploading, photos are converted in several formats:
- large (max. 1920 x 1080, with the addition of watermark)
- medium (max. 1024 x 768)
- small (max. 480 x 320)
- thumbnails (max. 100 x 80)
Such sizes are not usable for printing, and any serious buyer will be looking for the largest format (original).

If you are registered user, and you added event in your list, it will be available to you 45 days after event finish. Hosting costs are too big to keep photos forever. But, if you are not registered and want to access event by code, this is set per photographer, per every event created, and can be 30 days maximum after event finish.

We do not deal with billing, but only connect photographers with clients. Payment is made exclusively directly, by mutual agreement, in cash, credit cards, and photos are picked up on the spot, on delivery ....

Registration is not necessary, it is only desirable, and for several reasons:
- you will be able to view and order photos even after event code expires (this period photographer set for every event)
- all events will be available to you in the special section 'My Events'
- you will have a review of all your orders, with statuses, and a list of photos you have selected
- if the photographer has set you as an organizer, registration is mandatory when ordering pictures with discount prices
In any case, registration is completely free, and gives you additional benefits, and it is up to you to decide whether you need it.

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